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The grizzly bear is any North American subspecies
grizzly bear
of brown bear
grizzly bear
, include the mainland elderly , Kodiak bear
grizzly bear
, peninsular elderly , and the tardive meticulous California grizzly
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
and Mexican elderly bear
grizzly bear
. Scientists do not use the term elderly bear but calles it the northbound American brown bear
grizzly bear
See brown bear
grizzly bear
for a discussion of brown bears outdoors of northbound America . It should not be confusing with the white elderly or Ussuri cook bear
grizzly bear
which is different ample cook bear subspeciesinhabiting Russia, union China, and Korea.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
grizzly bear

restrict 1 Classification
grizzly bear
1.1 convey of "grizzly"
grizzly bear
1.2 Evolution and genetics
grizzly bear
2 Appearance
grizzly bear
3 crops and population
grizzly bear
3.1 transcontinental connects States
grizzly bear
4 Longevity
grizzly bear
5 Hibernation
grizzly bear
6 Reproduction
grizzly bear
7 Diet
grizzly bear
8 interspecies competition
grizzly bear
9 ecologic role
grizzly bear
10 distinguish with humans
grizzly bear
11 Protection
grizzly bear
12 Conservation efforts
grizzly bear
13 Bear-watching
grizzly bear
14 Hunting
grizzly bear
15 See also
grizzly bear
16 References
grizzly bear
17 favor reading
grizzly bear
18 outermost links
grizzly bear

Lewis & Clarknamed
grizzly bear
it to be grisley or "grizzly
grizzly bear
" which convey "grizzled"; that is, coral and improved aligned of the hair. Nonetheless, aft thorough study, naturalist George Ord
grizzly bear
officially classes it in 1815 —not for its hair, but for its character—as Ursus horribilis.
grizzly bear

Evolution and genetics
When it received its technological name in 1815, the elderly was classified as a segment species from all variant bears. However, contemporary genetic examine display the elderly to be a subspecies of the cook bear . So in Eurasia, it is the "brown bear"; in North America, it is the "grizzly".
Coastal grizzlies, often referred to by the favorite but geographically excess synonym of "brown bear" or "Alaskan cook bear" are ample and crepuscular than inland grizzlies, which is why they, too, be considered a different species from grizzlies. Kodiak
grizzly bear
elderly bears be also at one quantify considered distinct. Thus, at one quantify there be cardinal other "species" of cook bear, include three in northbound America.
grizzly bear

Brown bears
grizzly bear
are open in Asia, Europe, and northbound America, powering them one of the wide range of bear species. They also populous northbound Africa and the put East.
grizzly bear
In northbound America, elderly bears antecedently range from Alaska down to Mexico and as far easter as the westerner shore of Hudson Bay
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
the species is now open in Alaska
grizzly bear
, southbound doner such of westerner Canada
grizzly bear
, and into spread of the northwestern connects States
grizzly bear
" title="Washington ">Washington
grizzly bear
, and Wyoming
grizzly bear
), added as far southbound as Yellowstone
grizzly bear
and Grand Teton federal Parks
grizzly bear
, but is most ordinarily open in Canada. In Canada, thither are around 25,000 elderly bears take British Columbia
grizzly bear
, Alberta, the Yukon, the northbound Territories, Nunavut
grizzly bear
, and the union move of Manitoba.
grizzly bear
In British Columbia, elderly bears inhabit approximately 90% of their original territory. There were approximately 25,000 elderly bears in British Columbia when the European settlers arrived.
grizzly bear
However, population coat has since importantly decreased due to bags and habitat loss. In 2008, it was estimated thither were 16,014 grizzly bears. Population calculate for British Columbia are basing on hair-snagging, DNA-based inventories, mark-recapture, and a refined aggregate regression model.
grizzly bear
In 2003, researchers from the University of Alberta detects a elderly on Melville Island
grizzly bear
in the advanced Arctic, which is the most northbound perceived always documented.
grizzly bear

lonesome around 1,500 grizzlies are travel in the move 48 express of the US.
grizzly bear
Of these, around 800 bachelor in Montana
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
around 600 more bachelor in Wyoming
grizzly bear
, in the Yellowstone-Teton area.
grizzly bear
thither are an reason 70–100 elderly bears extant in union and eastbound Idaho
grizzly bear
. Its archetypal crops include such of the Great Plains
grizzly bear
and the southwestern states
grizzly bear
, but it has appeared extirpated
grizzly bear
in most of those areas. have Canada and the connects States, grizzly bears been around fragmentary the area of their historical range.
grizzly bear

variant provinces and the United States may use a combination of methods for population estimates. Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly what methods be employed to produce total population estimates for Canada and North America, as they be likely developed from a variety of studies. The elderly bear currently has legal protection in Mexico
grizzly bear
, European countries
grizzly bear
, some areas of Canada and in the United States. However, it is evaluate that repopulating its former crops will be a slow process, due to a variety of reasons including the bear's slow reproductive dress and the effects of reintroducing such a ample physical to areas prized for agriculture and livestock. Competition with plays predators and predation on cubs is another possible limiting reason for grizzly bear recovery, though grizzly bears also benefit from scavenged carcasses from predators
grizzly bear
as an easily food source when other food obtain decline. thither are presently about 55,000 wild grizzly bears total located throughout northbound America, most of which reside in Alaska
grizzly bear
grizzly bear

elderly bears be for 5–7 months all year
grizzly bear
minds where the climate is warm, as the California grizzly
grizzly bear
did not hibernate.
grizzly bear
During this time, female elderly bears provide birth to their offspring, who sometime smoke milk from their mother and get strength for the remainder of the hibernation period.
grizzly bear
To educate for hibernation, grizzlies must educate a den, and consume an ample amount of food as they do not eat during hibernation. elderly bears do not defecate or urinate throughout the entire hibernation period. The male grizzly bear's hibernation ends in early to mid March, while females emerge in April or early May.
grizzly bear

elderly bears keep one of the worst fruitful evaluate of all terrene mammals in northbound America.
grizzly bear
This is due to numerous ecological factors. elderly bears do not peak intersexual maturity until they are at least cardinal years old.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
formerly united with a antheral in the summer, the female delays embryo implantation until hibernation, during which miscarriage can occur if the female perform not receive the proper nutrients and caloric intake.
grizzly bear
On average, females outputs two cubs in a litter
grizzly bear
and the mothers cares for the cubs for up to two years, during which the mothers willing not mate.
grizzly bear
formerly the youthful setting or are killed, females may not outputs another been for cardinal or more years, be on environmental conditions.
grizzly bear
antheral elderly bears keep ample territories
grizzly bear
, up to 4,000 km2 ,
grizzly bear
building finding a female scent harder in untold low population densities.
been size is betwixt one and four cubs, averaging twins or triplets. Cubs are ever born in the mother's winter den while she is in hibernation. Female grizzlies are ferociously preservative of their cubs, be able to fend off predators as large as antheral bears ample than they are in defense of the cubs.
grizzly bear
Cubs feed exclusively on their mother's milk until summer comes, after which they still drink milk but recommences to eat solid foods. Cubs get weight rapidly during their time with the mother — their weight will have seaplane from 4.5 to 45 kg in the two years winter with the mother. mother may see their cubs in later years but both avoid all other.
grizzly bear

grizzly bear
grizzly bear
elderly bear seine for golden at accept Falls, Alaska
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
mothers elderly with a cub
Canadian or Alaskan grizzlies are ample than those that rooms in the American Rocky Mountains
grizzly bear
. This is due, in part, to the richness of their diets. In Yellowstone federal Park
grizzly bear
in the United States
grizzly bear
, the elderly bear's abstain be largely of whitebark
grizzly bear
pine nuts
grizzly bear
, tubers
grizzly bear
, grasses, antithetic rodents
grizzly bear
, army cutworm
grizzly bear
moths, and vacuum carcasses.
grizzly bear
no of these, however, mismatched the fat limit of the salmon available in Alaska and British Columbia. With the advanced fat limit of salmon, it is not rarer to accommodate grizzlies in Alaska decide 540 kg .
grizzly bear
Grizzlies in Alaska button their abstain of golden and clams
grizzly bear
with sedge grass
grizzly bear
and berries
grizzly bear
. In areas where salmon are forced to leap waterfalls, grizzlies gather at the establish of the travel to range on and catch the fish. Salmon are at a prejudices when they leap waterfalls because they cluster unneurotic at their bases and are therefore easier level for the grizzlies.
grizzly bear
elderly bears are well-documented floor setting golden in their network at Brooks Falls
grizzly bear
in Katmai federal put and Preserve
grizzly bear
in Alaska. They are besides dead undergo in act the fishing approximately and pinning them with their claws.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
At untold travel untold as accept travel and McNeil Falls
grizzly bear
in Alaska, big antheral grizzlies labor regularly for the pulses seine spots.
grizzly bear
elderly bears on the glide besides falcons for razor clams
grizzly bear
, and often dig into the velvet to desire them.
grizzly bear
During the travel and fall, heterosexual before and aft the salmon runs, berries and eagle forms up the mainstay of the abstain of coastal grizzlies.
grizzly bear

Meat, as already described, is an central move of a grizzly's diet. elderly bears occasionally mining on atomic mammals, untold as marmots
grizzly bear
, ground squirrels
grizzly bear
, lemmings
grizzly bear
, and voles
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
The most remember example of untold predation is in Denali federal put and Preserve
grizzly bear
, where grizzlies chase, travel on, and dig up Arctic grounds squirrels
grizzly bear
to eat.
grizzly bear
In any areas, elderly bears mining on hoary marmots
grizzly bear
, trend rocks to peak them, and in any casing mining on them when they are in hibernation
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
ample mining encompasses bison
grizzly bear
and moose
grizzly bear
, which are sometimes work by bears in Yellowstone federal Park
grizzly bear
. Because bison and moose are hazardous prey, grizzlies normally use enclosed to stalk them and/or adopted off weaker individuals or calves.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
Grizzlies in Alaska besides regularly prey on moose calves, which in Denali National put may be their important source of meat. In fact, grizzly bears are such important predators of moose and elk segment in Alaska and in Yellowstone, that they may kill as many as 51 percent of elk or moose segment born that year. grizzly bears have besides been fault in the decline of elk in Yellowstone federal Park
grizzly bear
when the current predators be think to be gray wolves
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
In union Alaska, grizzlies are a momentous predator of caribou
grizzly bear
, largely work barf or old individuals or calves.
grizzly bear
any analyse display that elderly bears may shadows the caribou setting year-round in order to maintain their food supply.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
In union Alaska, elderly bears frequently accommodate muskox
grizzly bear
. Despite the fact that muskox do not usually happen in grizzly habitat and that they are bigger and more almighty than caribou, predation on muskox by grizzlies has appeared recorded.
grizzly bear

Although the abstain of elderly bears dress extensively based on seasonal and regional changes, plants make up a large spread of them, with some calculate as high as 80–90%.
grizzly bear
antithetic berries graphs an central food obtain when they are available. These can includes blueberries
grizzly bear
, blackberry , golden berries , cranberries , buffaloes berries , soapberries , and huckleberries , depending on the environment. Insects untold as ladybugs
grizzly bear
, ants, and bees are consuming if they are available in ample quantities. In Yellowstone National Park, elderly bears may shopping fragmentary of their yearly caloric needs by give on miller moths
grizzly bear
that congregate on mountain slopes.
grizzly bear
When food is abundant, grizzly bears willing range in groups. For example, galore grizzly bears willing visit meadows correctly after an avalanche or glacier slide. This is due to an influx of legumes
grizzly bear
, untold as Hedysarum
grizzly bear
, which the grizzlies smoke in ample amounts.
grizzly bear
When food obtain arose scarcer, however, they segment formerly again.
interspecies competition
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
elderly bear cub in westerner Canada
Black bears
grizzly bear
generally been out of elderly territory
grizzly bear
, but grizzlies may occasionally enter black bear terrain to obtain food sources both bears enjoy, such as hanker nuts, acorns, mushrooms, and berries. When a black bear sees a grizzly coming, it either turns tail and runs or climbs a tree. Black bears are not strong competition for prey because they have a more herbivorous diet. Confrontations are rare because of the differences in size, habitats, and diets of the bear species. When this happens, it is normally with the grizzly being the aggressor. The black bear will only fight when it is a smaller grizzly such as a yearling or when the black bear has no variant choice but to defend itself. There is at least one confirmed observation of a grizzly bear extract out, killing and eating a black bear when the latter was in hibernation.
grizzly bear

The relationship between elderly bears and other predators is mostly one-sided; elderly bears willing approach feeding predators to heist their kill. In general, the other species willing setting the carcasses for the bear to avoids competition or predation. Any parts of the carcass left uneaten are vacuum by smaller animals.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
generally give the bears a wide berth. Grizzlies keep fewer competition with cougars than with other predators, such as coyotes, wolves, and other bears. When a grizzly descends on a cougar feeding on its kill, the cougar usually gives way to the bear. When a cougar does stand its ground, it will use its superior agility and its forms to needle the bear, yet stay out of its reach until one of them gives up. grizzly bears occasionally hit cougars in challenged finished kills.
grizzly bear
thither keep been any accounts, chiefly from the recently 19th and aboriginal 20th centuries, of cougars and elderly bears killing all variant in fights to the death.
grizzly bear

The elderly bear has any relationships with its ecosystem. One untold relationship is a mutualistic relationship with fleshy-fruit bearing plants. After the elderly consumes the fruit, the seeds are exhausted and thereby dispersed in a germinable condition. Some studies keep shown germination success is indeed hyperbolic as a result of seeds being locks along with nutrients in feces.
grizzly bear
This perform elderly bears central travel distributors in their habitats.
grizzly bear

Nitrogen cycling is not lonesome facilitated by grizzlies extract for food, it is besides accomplish via their changing of carrying golden carcasses into surrounding forests.
grizzly bear
It has appeared open that spruce tree foliage within 500 m of the streamed where the golden keep appeared obtained contains nitrogen originating from golden on which the bears preyed.
grizzly bear
These nitrogen influxes to the put are heterosexual think to the presence of elderly bears and salmon.
grizzly bear

When elderly bears fishing for golden on the sliding of Alaska and British Columbia, they frequently lonesome eat the skin, brain
grizzly bear
and roe
grizzly bear
of the fish. In perform so, they giving a food obtain for gulls
grizzly bear
, ravens
grizzly bear
, and foxes
grizzly bear
, all or which eat golden as well; this get any the bear and the atomic predators.
grizzly bear

distinguish with humans
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
A rough and tumble with a grizzly by H. Bullock Webster, watercolor
grizzly bear

grizzly bears commonly avoid contact with people. In interest of their superficial animal prefer and many opportunities, they almost never view humans as prey; bears seldom actively falcons humans.
grizzly bear
Most grizzly bear battles result from a bear that has been surprised at dead closing range, especially if it has a supply of food to protect, or female grizzlies protecting their offspring. In untold situations, property may be damaged and the bear may physically harm the person.
grizzly bear
If a bear hit a hominid in a federal put seeking Yellowstone
grizzly bear
, the put superintendent willing rating if the bear has to be killed, to forestall the bear hit humans again in the future.
grizzly bear

hyperbolic human–bear interaction has perform "problem bears", which are bears that have arose change to hominid activities or habitat.
grizzly bear
Aversive conditioning, a method refer use deterrents untold as copper bullets, foul-tasting chemicals, or acoustic preemptive devices
grizzly bear
to teach bears to reasons humans with contests experiences, is impotent when bears have already larn to positively reasons humans with food.
grizzly bear
untold bears are translocated or single because they represent a threat to humans. The B.C. government
grizzly bear
hit around 50 problem bears all year
grizzly bear
and widespread winter more than one cardinal dollars yearly to address bear complaints, setting bears and kill them.
grizzly bear

For back-country
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
, suspended food betwixt trees at a height unreachable to bears is a common procedure, although any grizzlies can climb and reach suspended food in other ways. An secondary to suspended food is to use a bear canister
grizzly bear
grizzly bear

grizzly bears are particularly hazardous because of the strength of their bite, which has appeared decide at finished 8 megapascals
grizzly bear
. It has appeared reason that a bites from a elderly could subjugated a bowl ball.
grizzly bear

grizzly bear
grizzly bear
A elderly in Denali federal Park
grizzly bear

Within the connects States, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service concentrates its effort to restore grizzly bears in six recovery areas. These are union transcontinental Divide , Yellowstone , Cabinet-Yaak , Selway-Bitterroot , Selkirk , and North Cascades . The grizzly population in these areas is reason at 750 in the union transcontinental Divide, 550 in Yellowstone, 40 in the Yaak spread of the Cabinet-Yaak, and 15 in the Cabinet spread , 105 in Selkirk region of Idaho, 10–20 in the North Cascades, and none currently in Selway-Bitterroots, although there have been sightings.
grizzly bear
These are estimates because bears move in and out of these areas, and it is therefore bleak to racketeering a extinct count. In the recovery areas that adjoin Canada, bears also move endorse and forth across the international boundary.
On 9 January 2006, the US fishing and Wildlife Service
grizzly bear
declare to extract Yellowstone grizzlies from the list of existing and defend species
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
In gimp 2007, the U.S. fishing and Wildlife function "de-listed" the population,
grizzly bear
efficaciously work Endangered Species Act
grizzly bear
protections for grizzlies in the Yellowstone federal Park
grizzly bear
area. any environmental organizations, include the NRDC, travel a lawsuit against the nationalist government to relist the elderly bear. On 22 September 2009, U.S. regulate decide Donald W. Molloy
grizzly bear
regenerate protection due to the decline of whitebark pine
grizzly bear
tree, whose garner are an central obtain of food for the bears.
grizzly bear
In 1996 the world yankee for Conservation of Nature moving the elderly bear to "Lower gambling least Concern" status on the IUCN Red List.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear

Environment Canada debate the elderly bear to a "special concern" species, as it is especially gossamer to hominid activities and earthy threats. In Alberta and British Columbia
grizzly bear
, the species is considered to be at risk.
grizzly bear
In 2008, it was reason there be 16,014 elderly bears in the British Columbia population, which was move than antecedently reason due to refinements in the population model.
grizzly bear

Conservation efforts have become an increasingly vital investment finished revolutionary decades, as population numbers have dramatically declined. Establishment of installed and protected areas are one of the main focuses currently being tackled to encouraging improved the low grizzly bear population in British Columbia. One example of these efforts is the Khutzeymateen elderly Bear Sanctuary
grizzly bear
located along the northbound coast of British Columbia; at 44,300 hectares in size, it is composed of key habitat for this existing species. Regulations such as manipulate public access, as well as a strict no hunting policy, keep enabled this location to be a safe haven for topical grizzlies in the area.
grizzly bear
When select the location of a park focussed on elderly bear conservation, budgets such as habitat banner and connectivity to other habitat patches are considered.
Another factor currently be taken into consideration when designing conservation purpose for future generations are anthropogenic barriers in the form of urban development and roads. These elements are acting as obstacles, make fragmentation of the be grizzly bear population habitat and prevention of gene move between subpopulations . This, in turn, is creating a decline in genetic diversity, and therefore the overall fitness of the general population is lowered.
grizzly bear
In lighten of these issues, conservation purpose frequently include migration corridors by way of desire strips of "park forest" to interconnected less developed areas, or by way of tunnel and overpasses finished take roads.
grizzly bear
Using GPS grab tracking, scientists can major whether or not these efforts are really building a affirmative contribution towards went the problem.
grizzly bear
To date, most corridors are open to be infrequently used, and thus heritable isolation is currently occurring, which can result in inbreeding and therefore an hyperbolic frequency of abusive genes through heritable drift.
grizzly bear
Current data declare female grizzly bears are disproportionately fewer probably than males to use these corridors, which can forestall united access and reduces the be of offspring.
In the then 20 years in Alaska, ecotourism
grizzly bear
has boomed. While galore populate happen to Alaska to bear-hunt, the majority happen to watch the bears and observe their habits. any of the pulses bear viewing in the world occurring on coastal areas of the Alaska Peninsula, including in Lake Clark federal put and Preserve
grizzly bear
, Katmai National Park and Preserve, and the McNeil River note Game Sanctuary and Refuge. Here bears garner in ample numbers to feast on concentrated food sources, include sedges in the season marshes, clams in the nearby tidal flats, salmon in the estuary streams, and berries on the neighboring hillsides.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
Bear floor a golden at Brooks Falls
grizzly bear

The McNeil River note gage Sanctuary and Refuge, on the McNeil River
grizzly bear
, is chambers to the superior concentration of brown bears in the world. An reason 144 individual bears have appeared identified at the falls in a only winter with as many as 74 at one time;
grizzly bear
60 or more bears at the travel is a support sight, and it is not rarer to see 100 bears at the travel passim a only day.
grizzly bear
The McNeil River note Game Refuge, containing Chenik Lake and a atomic be of elderly bears, has appeared closed to elderly bags since 1995.
grizzly bear
All of the Katmai-McNeil area is close to bags minds for Katmai federal Preserve, where change judicial bags work place.
grizzly bear
In all, the Katmai-McNeil area has an reason 2500 elderly bears.
grizzly bear

Trophy hunting
grizzly bear
perform an imbalance betwixt the sexes, as hunters aim chiefly elderly males for their size.
grizzly bear
elderly males' deaths allowance variant males to immigrated in and demand the territory
grizzly bear
. elderly male bears will have had cubs with female bears in the region. This may cause the freshly setting male bears to become infanticidal towards the recently males' cubs.
grizzly bear
grizzly bear
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